16Gb (2X8Gb) Memory Ram 4 Ibm System X3650 M3 7945 Ddr3-Laptop133 EccR For Server Only By CMS B21

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We guaranty this package will perform in your machine. 2pcs. 8GB 1333MHz ECC Register Module, This laptop or computer normally takes 1066, 1333 or 12800mhz Authentic CMS model, CMS is just one of the most reliable names in the Computer system Memory field and this products carries a Life time Guarantee from CMS. Max Memory: 48 GB ECC UDIMM 288 GB Reg ECC RDIMM Sockets: 18 Sockets (6 Banking companies of 3) greatest utilizing RDIMMs 12 Sockets (4 Banking companies of 3) greatest utilizing UDIMMs or QR RDIMMs Appropriate with: IBM System x3650 M3 7945 Our DDR3-1333 modules mechanically clock down to 1066MHz and 800MHz based on which Intel Xeon product is installed and how several module Banking companies are populated. Due to chipset restrictions, DDR3 Quad Rank memory is confined to run at a greatest of 1066MHz. When two Quad Rank modules are installed for each financial institution, the processor will mechanically clock them down to 800MHz. System only supports (6) Quad Rank DIMMs for each CPU or (12) Quad Rank DIMMs with two CPUs. 4GB DDR3-1333 Reg ECC modules come in two variations: 313/4G utilizing x4 and 3138/4G utilizing x8 DRAM. The two areas may possibly be installed in the exact same procedure but not in just the exact same memory financial institution. Use like modules for twin and triple channel procedure.240PIN DDR3 DIMM
Laptop3-10600 , DDR3-1333MHZ
2 Pieces Package
This Memory is meant for Server Only. Not for Desktop


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