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PORTSMOUTH — A server at the Oar Home, Nicole Johnson-Hurst had a brush with celeb Saturday when she waited on actor Matt Damon and his family on the restaurant’s riverfront deck.

“Actually down to earth,” is how she explained Damon. “They had been exceptionally great and didn’t hope to be taken care of any in another way.”

Damon, his wife and kids joined a relative from New Castle at the Ceres Street cafe early Saturday afternoon when Johnson-Hurst stated she made it her mission to “make certain they had a peaceful lunch.” The actor and his kids ate fish and chips and he talked with Johnson-Hurst about parenting, she stated.

Johnson-Hurst stated she doesn’t think everyone regarded Damon although he and his family had been dining, but she texted her husband Kevin Hurst to inform him mainly because Damon is “his beloved actor.” His reply was a 3-letter acronym, expressing disbelief.

Immediately after the family completed their lunch, Johnson-Hurst stated, Damon posed for a picture with her on the cafe deck and the actor’s wife took the picture. The community server stated she texted it to her husband as proof.

Johnson-Hurst stated Damon and his family walked about Portsmouth just after lunch and when they returned to their automobile, lots of people had regarded him.

“He didn’t transform down a single picture request,” Johnson-Hurst stated. “He was so sort. They had been extremely, extremely great people, all of them.”


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