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Tech corporations choosing well known individuals to drive their merchandise are depressingly typical – who can fail to remember Lady Gaga marketing cables for Monster at CES? Now Cisco is heading to hook onto the level of popularity of Game of Thrones to drive its new grand strategy.

The massively gifted actor Peter Dinklage, who has expended the past seven many years enthralling audiences as Tyrion Lannister, has begun a series of movies seeking to clarify Cisco’s “The Network. Intuitive.” It can be Switchzilla’s attempt to reinvent itself from a network box company into providing networks armored with AI.

“Peter Dinklage is the ideal messenger simply because of his worldwide fame and potential to converse in a bold, intelligent, and captivating way,” gushed Karen Walker, Cisco’s main internet marketing officer.

“As he wanders by way of the streets of London, you hold onto each of his words as he describes just how uncomplicated – and monumental – the new network is.”

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While Dinklage certainly has existence, the movie is just what you would be expecting – no element and a lot of extravagant fluff about how networks can configure and secure themselves. It does, having said that, have some spectacular pictures of London that are worth a watch.

For details you basically have to search at Cisco’s newest merchandise, and those don’t very match the hoopla of the movie. In June the agency produced new Catalyst 9000 series switches with a administration platform termed DNA Heart.

The switches use tailor made ASICs and device finding out software package to do issues like determine malware as it moves throughout the network or examine the configuration of endpoints without having needing human intervention.

It appears interesting, but Cisco has a quite regular inspiration for the transfer – cash. The new switches arrive with obligatory subscription providers that could bring in enough cash to fascination the Iron Lender of Braavos.

And yeah, we recognize we’re just taking part in into Cisco’s fingers by crafting about this but it’s August and we could not resist the headline punnage. ®

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